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Shoulder Arthroscopy

What is Shoulder Arthroscopy?

Shoulder arthroscopy is a minimally invasive technique for performing shoulder surgery. A camera (arthroscope) is inserted into the shoulder joint through small cuts in the skin around the shoulder. The entire joint can be visualised using this camera. Surgical procedures are performed using these instruments.

Arthroscopy allows the surgeon to see a larger amount of the shoulder than can be seen through a single large cut (incision). This allows the surgeon to better assess and manage the various problems that are present in the shoulder. A large number of shoulder procedures can be performed arthroscopically, including subacromial decompression, rotator cuff repair, biceps tenodesis, distal clavicle excision, superior capsular reconstruction and arthroscopic shoulder stabilisation.

In some situations, shoulder arthroscopy may be used to perform part of an operation, and then the rest of the procedure is done through a standard incision in a small, targeted area.

Subacromial Decompression

Subacromial decompression is an operation used to treat shoulder pain that has not responded to appropriate non-surgical treatments. The procedure is performed using an arthroscope (keyhole surgery) to remove the inflamed subacromial bursa tissue and any prominent bone spurs that are irritating the rotator cuff tendons.

Rotator Cuff Repair

Rotator cuff repair is an operation the repairs the damaged rotator cuff tendons in the shoulder. The operation is useful for people that have rotator cuff tears that are causing significant symptoms.

Biceps Tenodesis

Biceps tenodesis is an operation that removes the thin long head of the biceps tendon from its normal anchor point on the top of the shoulder socket (glenoid) and moves it to the top of the arm bone (humerus). It is used to treat injuries to the long head of biceps tendon such as ruptures, SLAP tears and biceps instability.

Distal Clavicle Excision

Distal clavicle excision is an operation that removes the out end of the clavicle (collarbone). It is used to treat painful acromioclavicular arthritis. The operation is performed using an arthroscope (key hole surgery) or by making a cut over the top of the shoulder.

Superior Capsular Reconstruction

Superior capsular reconstruction (SCR) is an advanced arthroscopic procedure where a damaged rotator cuff tendon is replaced by a soft tissue graft that spans from the shoulder socket (glenoid) to the arm bone (humerus).

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Surgeons that perform this procedure

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Orthopaedic Surgeon

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