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Ganglion Removal Surgery

What is Ganglion Removal Surgery?

Surgery to remove a ganglion from the hand of the wrist involves a short cut over the lump. The goal of surgery is to remove the stalk that connects the pouch of fluid to the lining of the joint or tendon that the ganglion arises from. 

If the ganglion arises from the finger joints there is usually arthritis present as well. Any prominent bone spurs around the arthritis joint will also be removed as part of the ganglion removal.

After Ganglion Removal Surgery

Patients can typically go home on the same day as their surgery. The skin wounds heal in 10-14 days, but the deeper parts of the wounds may take several weeks to fully heal. 

For more information on ganglion removal surgery, we recommend contacting our surgeons for an initial consultation. 

Surgeons that perform this procedure

Mr Harry Clitherow

Orthopaedic Surgeon

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