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Ganglion Cyst

A ganglion is a pouch of fluid that arises from the lining of a joint or the lining of a tendon. 

Ganglions (ganglia) can arise anywhere in the body, but they frequently cause problems when they occur around the wrist or in the hand.  

A ganglion cyst will often fluctuate in size over time. They generally cause symptoms because they compress the structures around them. A common site for a ganglion to occur is across the back of the wrist. If the ganglion is large enough it can lead to pain when the wrist is fully extended, such as when doing a push up. 

A ganglion cyst that arises from the joints at the ends of the fingers is also called a mucous cyst. These can press on the fingernail, causing problems with nail growth, or they may break the skin on top of them and become infected. 


Treatment for Ganglion Cyst

To successfully treat a ganglion cyst ,the stalk that connects the pouch of fluid to the joint or tendon needs to be removed. For this reason, simply draining a cyst with a needle (or the “bible treatment” of striking it with a heavy book) will often only provide temporary relief of any symptoms and the ganglion is likely to grow back. A patient with a ganglion that is causing significant symptoms may benefit from ganglion removal surgery