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Ulnar Nerve Problems

What are Ulnar Nerve Problems?

The ulnar nerve supplies muscles and sensation to a large part of the hand. The nerve can become compressed at either the elbow (the cubital tunnel) or, less commonly, in the palm (Guyon’s canal). The nerve can also be stretched as it passes around the back of the elbow.

Symptoms of Ulnar Nerve Problems

Ulnar nerve compression or stretching causes numbness, tingling and pins and needles in the fingers, especially the little finger. These symptoms often come on at night or when holding the elbows bent for a prolonged period. It also can also cause weakness of the hand muscles, making it difficult to pick up small objects. Wasting of the small muscles of the hand is typically a sign of severe and prolonged nerve compression.

Ulnar nerve problems may also be the first symptom of elbow arthritis. The symptoms of ulnar nerve compression may also be due to problems in other areas, such as the neck. 

Treatment for Ulnar Nerve Problems

People with persistent ulnar nerve dysfunction may benefit from ulnar nerve release surgery.