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Triangular Fibrocartilaginous Complex (TFCC) Injuries

What are TFCC Injuries?

The TFCC is a thick ligament structure inside the wrist at the end of the thin ulna bone. 

The TFCC is similar to the meniscus (cartilages) in the knee. It helps distribute load across the wrist and it keeps the distal radio-ulnar joint (DRUJ) stable. The DRUJ is the joint between the radius and the ulna bones at the wrist. 

It can be injured by a sudden twisting injury to the wrist or a fall onto the hand. There may be other injuries present at the same time, such as a distal radius fracture. TFCC injuries can result in persistent pain and clicking in the wrist during gripping or twisting activities. 

Treatment for TFCC Injuries

TFCC injuries are managed initially with rest and a period of splinting. Once the splint is no longer required then patients may still benefit from a specialised brace that supports the wrist during gripping and twisting activities.

In some cases, a TFCC tear may still cause persistent pain, or produce clicking or clunking in the wrist from the instability of the DRUJ. Patients with these problems may benefit from triangular fibrocartilageneous complex (TFCC) repair surgery.